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HSEditor with AutoFiveP

This module is still under development. You can view a demo of the same here

The auto fivep modules enables the users to search for the content using the google search api. It returns the results and the returned results are organised based on videos, images, content and extension urls. The content filling for an advertisement becomes simpler and easier.

Here are a few screen shots of the same.

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Get EmbeddCode Module:

We have developed an inhouse module to reduce the burden of uploading and integrating the videos. This module provides you with the editor as well as the player code to be embedded on a html page for further editing and showcasing.

Here is the step wise process to get the embed code for the videos:

  1. Go to Arijasoft's module for getting embedd code( url :
  2. Select the video type:
    1. If it is a youTube url, please provide the youtube url
    2. If it is any other , choose other and provide the path to the flv file to be played.
  3. You can check/uncheck the Enable fiveP to get the fiveP window in the editor. The screen shot can be seen here.Image to be displayed here.
  4. Press the edit video button.
  5. You will be guided to another page where the editor interface will already be loaded.
  6. At the bottom of the page there will be two text boxes:
    1. Embed Player code
    2. Embed Editor Code
  7. Copy paste the editor code in a html page to get the editor embedded in the page
  8. Copy paste the player code in any html page to get the player embedded in the page.
  9. Here is a screen shot of the embed code Image could not be loaded


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